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Have You Struggled to Increase Sales With Your Marketing Efforts?

If you have, you're definitely not alone.

With new small businesses opening daily in every market, the competition for attracting clients is becoming harder than ever.

In fact, according to the data collected by the American Bureau of Labor Statisticsthere's a 70% chance your small business will go bankrupt before the 10th year of business

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Find Online Business Marketing
Complicated or Expensive?

If you do, it's most likely because of the bad habits and costly mistakes you may have learned following the approaches used by other business owners.

Don't forget the "branding companies" who tend to pressure businesses into spending massive amounts of money "to get more traffic," but usually fail to produce profitable results right from the start.

Unfortunately, these issues cause many owners to doubt their own ability to successfully grow their business.

Even worse... they begin to worry that if they can't find a way to turn things around soon, it could lead to them having to close down the business.

We Understand the Challenges of
Growing a Successful Online Business 

We know that developing a written plan for generating predictable sales results can position your business to absolutely dominate your market for years to come.

This a stark contrast from the so called "marketing companies" who only promote the same old marketing "gimmicks" which cause 70% of businesses to go bankrupt.

Instead, our team at Unique Profit Systems Inc. have studied the successful strategies used by the companies who are dominating their market and consistently surpassing their yearly sales targets!

We then organized these strategies into a step-by-step process in order to analyze and systematize them.

Which means we've become the first Profitable Marketing System agency able to easily implement our proven strategies in other businesses wishing to obtain exciting sales growth year-over-year.

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If Your Marketing Results Are Disappointing
It's Likely Caused By 1 of 3 Critical Issues...

#1. No Sales Growth Strategy

Many companies simply "wing it" when it comes to their sales strategy approach.

Often this is based on whatever the staff "feel" will work, or due to the biased guidance of an advertising company trying to "brand" the company by having them spend far too much money on "entertaining" advertisements only to generate mostly disappointment and frustration in return.

As a result, there's no established goals or strategy in place for the sales growth efforts to be strategically leveraged for maximum results.

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#2. Undetected Profit Leaks

Just like a bad infection, profit leaks can rot away the healthy growth of your business long before you notice their long-term consequences.

Identifying and eliminating these leaks must be a significant priority as it relates to achieving your desired revenue goals.

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#3. Missing Marketing System

Marketing efforts generate very little return on their investment unless they're leveraging a larger marketing strategy.

Many business owners are hurting their growth due to the various elements of their business working haphazardly instead of as a predictable and consistent system. 

As a result these businesses risk becoming one of the 7 in 10 businesses which go bankrupt within their first 10 years of operation.

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These Underlying Issues Cost You Significant
Time and Money... With Little to Show For It

Fortunately, we've recently created a solution to help your business avoid these issues!

Dexx's "Business Breakthrough Session" is
Now Available Which Helps You Easily...

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Create a Clear Vision

We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision for attracting more paying clients and increasing your overall sales revenue from your marketing

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Uncover Hidden Challenges

We'll uncover the hidden challenges that are sabotaging your ability to achieve your desired business growth targets each year

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Dominate Your Market

You’ll leave the session renewed and inspired to become the undeniable authority in your market and the most in-demand solution provider

Our Business Breakthrough Session Will Provide Your Business With a Custom Marketing and Selling System

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We Increase Your Sales By Using Proven Small Business Marketing Systems

This is important to consider given that many other companies will push their Website SEO, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, or any other "Internet Marketing Fads

We say "fads" because they are often changed on a whim by the companies involved...

This means hundreds of thousands of dollars in SEO or Pay-per-click efforts could be wiped out with a simple change in a company's algorithm...

If you relied on them as the primary source of your business you'd suddenly be left feeling desperate and helpless.

Instead, we'll set you up with a plan so you can...

Finally, Discover How to Create A Recession-Proof Business That's Built To Thrive In Any Economic Condition

Imagine no longer working harder and longer hours than your competition only to still generate disappointing results...

Remember, 7 out of every 10 of your competitors will go bankrupt within their first 10 years due to lack of a true growth strategy, profit leaks, and wasted small business marketing efforts.

Imagine the stress and anxiety they face each day...

And then imagine how YOU will feel knowing you and your team can relax confidently knowing you have implemented a system for reliable and predictable growth in your business for years to come!

Predictable sales growth as a result of the planning we'll do together during your Business Breakthrough Session.


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What's Your Business Strategy's Potential?

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