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The Best Kajabi Bonus for 2023

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Finally, Bonuses for Kajabi That Truly Help YOU Generate Results Quickly and Easily!

Since I first began using Kajabi back in 2010, I've helped hundreds of Kajabi Heroes to get started growing their businesses with the platform...

In fact, my commitment to helping the Kajabi community get the most out of the platform resulted in me being awarded a Kajabi Super Hero Award from the Kajabi team in 2022!

However, I've still noticed many new Kajabi users struggle with creating high converting sales and marketing funnels that will generate high-quality leads and skyrocket their sales...

...Because they really don't have time to sit down and go through the hours upon hours of free courses and training webinars that Kajabi provides to their Heroes...

So, instead of creating even more time consuming training courses, webinars, and reports for you to read...

I've decided to put together what I believe is the BEST Kajabi Bonus package ever created (over $2,344 in real value)

...and provide you with FREE access to this new Kajabi "Super Hero" Bonus Bundle which includes powerful tools to make your Business Bulletproof!

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kajabi bonus

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Here Are Just Some of the Exclusive Business Growth Tools You'll Soon Have Access To...

Kajabi Bonus #1:

Rapid Success Strategy Session

($497 value)

It's incredible that Kajabi Heroes are given access to unlimited free training courses and webinars from Kajabi, but you may not have unlimited time each week to do so...

This bonus lets you skip months of studying and research, and instead just hop on a live strategy call with Dexx to map out a custom funnel for you to quickly and easily achieve your desired business goals in a step-by-step fashion.

Kajabi Bonus #2:

Profit Planning Platform

($450 per year value)

While it's great to have a funnel planned out... the next common sticking point for many Kajabi users is figuring out what to create, what to charge, and how much they need to sell in order to reach their annual revenue goals...

Which is why this bonus was added to the bundle!

You'll soon have access to Dexx's one-of-a-kind profit planning platform which allows you to simulate all of your funnel brainstorming ideas!

This means you'll know the Key Performance Metrics you'll need to achieve with each scenario in order to reach your business growth goals.

Kajabi Bonus #3:

Automated Review Collection

($480 value)

One of the most effective tools for boosting the conversions of your products and services is leveraging social proof in your messaging to your market.

The problem for a lot of Kajabi users is how difficult it can be to consistently collect reviews and testimonials for their business...

With this bonus you can automate the process for collecting and sharing both video AND written testimonials from your customers, while also making it a simple and fun experience for them!

Kajabi Bonus #4:

Social Proof Notifications

($420 value)

As was mentioned earlier, the use of social proof is one of the highest converting tools you can add to your marketing messaging...

Basically, when in doubt, double down on the amount of social proof you provide your audience!

With this bonus, you'll be able to show your website visitors in real-time that others (just like them) are taking advantage of the special offers you're providing.

This tool helps to excite your audience to take action as well, and it will also eliminate some of the fears and reluctance your visitors may have.

Kajabi Bonus #5:

Surgical SEO Strategy Session

($497 value)

With the cost of paid advertising climbing higher and higher every week, more Kajabi Heroes wish to generate unlimited high-quality FREE traffic from Google instead!

However, many Kajabi users aren't sure what they need to do to in order to optimize their website for maximum search engine exposure to attract their ideal visitors...

With this bonus, Dexx is providing you with an additional strategy session that is purely focused on helping you to get your website ranking on the first page of Google for your desired keywords.

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